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Arlene (Jacobs) Rochau : How and where did I get the nickname "Mouse"? Was it back at Wilson?

Carol (Christian) Everhart : How about this: Sara (Wilson) Busch likes to watch ice skating competitions; James Mason still has his pet pig; (Maybe we should have deleted #10 on the questionnaire.) Elvin Bishop probably doesn’t recall but his first television appearance was with me on Tulsa’s KOTV’s Dance Party in the summer of 1956.

Carol (Miller) Andrews : My daughter (Kimberly..also Mike Smoot's daughter) married Karen Alford Wines son, Brian Wines 7 years ago. When Kimberly was at University of Texas she frequently would wear my Rogers class ring. Brian was in a band in Austin while getting his master's degree, and he noticed Kimberly and introduced himself. He then saw the class ring and recognized it as being like his mother's class ring. He asked where she got the ring and Kimberly explained that it was her mother's and that started a friendship that turned into a marriage. Small world, isn't it! They are expecting their first child any day now!

Carolyn (Camp) Vernon : Paul Garst and I were going to the marching band hayride together and were running late. They had already taken off so Paul decided to catch up. We were driving around Mohawk Park lost when we discovered we were on the golf course! I am sure they wondered what had happened the next day. We did catch the wagon and joined the group.

Charles Wilcox : That Lester Van Dyke (Class of ’60) was known by his close friends as “Hondo Daddy”. Did you know that Les Van Dyke has a Harley?

Delanie (Morris) Hollis : I went with Linda Newman to J.T. Gorrel's house once. As a joke, he left fake vomit where we couldn't miss it. We were such "ladies" we didn't want to embarrass him, so we ignored it. We completely ruined his joke. Sorry J. T.

Diane (Ver Straeten) Moore : I was only one of two girls to receive two letters (GRA) in the history of WRHS (sophomore year).

Dick McGuire : Enjoyed my H.S. years with many good friends. Made many new friends during Reunions in 1990 and 95. I had a lot of fun!

Dorathea Lorenz Roberts : I think the best memories at "Will on the Hill" was the mornings,and evenings, when either coming or leaving the building, and everybody either said "Hi" or Howdy. I am looking forward to coming and reacquainting again. Hope to see you there.

Fred Olenberger : I wonder, wonder, who did write the book of love? lanie

Helen (Ambrose) McCall : Forty years has truly changed actions in our schools. In 1960, as Mac However was walking me to class affectionately holding my hand, we were stopped by Ms. Wanda Cox, Counselor of Girls, and told that we could not hold hands in the halls of the school because we had to set an example for the rest of the kids in school because I was a class officer. After that, as a kid, I never liked Ms. Cox; however, today, I wish our schools had more Wanda Coxes. I also remember dancing at the Blue Moon with Mac Hower as Keith Hunt and the band played a song entitled “Helen” that he wrote especially for me during the short time Keith and I dated.

Jeneane (Franklin) Bedell : I still have an 8th grade picture of Kay Adams and myself.

Jim McClure : I have a 3-year-old daughter. Does anyone have a younger child?

Johnny Hyatt : I moved from Tulsa in my Junior year, but have tried to keep hold of fond recollections I have with those I went to school with... I often surprise myself I am still able to remember so many people I knew then... Keep in touch !

Judy (Pearson) Parks : Remember senior trip at Western Hills Lodge – we were not welcome there after that! Ha Ha (You know who you are.)

Kay (Donnelly) Reeves : Not really – except my high school days are remembered fondly !

Keril (Broom) McDermitt : If you don’t get tougher as you get older, you won’t survive.

Larry Gregory : I'm sure I can think something up – but I'm not admitting any part in letting the alligator loose in the main hall. In fact, I swear I didn't have a thing to do with the alligator in the main hall.

Lonnie Moore : We’ve been married for 40 years.

Mike Gibson : More a question than trivia – Does anyone have a photo of the volcano that we built for our sophomore dance and what band played? David Gates, maybe? (or am I mixing several events into one?)

Nancy (Barnes) Ferguson : Steve and I have retired to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area on Lake Lewisville – Low Company – So please stop by. (Thanks for putting this together.)

Pam Downing Dale : Our 12th grade elective was typing. What a group! Barry Peck, Fred Olenberger, Pam Conway, and many others. Fred brought a fake barf which he "threw up" on the teacher's desk. It cost him a trip to the office, but left the rest of us rolling on the floor we were laughing so hard. Fred, I hope you haven't changed, I'd hate to think you started having any serious thoughts. Luv u!

Phyllis (Beeson) Susen : I just remember Dwight Vance and I playing a harp duet on stools entirely too short. The harp were practically on top of our heads. Tom Seymour in the “Pink Panther” suit that was rather revealing.

Phyllis (Prather) Robinson : I have a wonderful life. Married to my high school sweetheart, Rene Lee Robinson, Class of ’59.

Ray Rochau : One 4th of July, Jim Wise, Tom Latta, Jim Callahan and myself were driving around in Latta's car throwing out M-80's. One didn't make it out the window and landed next to Callahan's side and went off. We all went to Callahan's house to get a bandage of some type. Couldn't find one but used one of his mothers feminine products to cover the wound. Worked great, so said the doctor at the emergency room. Another piece of trivia - I was helping Jim Wise take an engine out of his '53 Chevy. The little finger on my right hand got caught in the chain hoist and as Jim was pulling the chain to lift the engine out, he couldn't hear me yell that my finger was caught and it went around the wheel several times before he knew something was wrong. Rushed to the emergency room and was able to save the tip of the finger with stitches.

Sherrie Hinkle : My husband of 20 years is also a WRHS grad (’59) – but we met in New York City on a blind date! During the last 5 years, I took up Spanish again and am now a fluent speaker. Miss Bell would never believe it.

Steve Black : I love hamburgers and still consider Brownies hamburgers in Tulsa as unsurpassed by any burger I've ever wrapped my mits around in the world.

Victoria (Jones) Gillen : What fun when I run across former classmates...we share a timeless history!Tim Knight How many high schools have a rifle team, today?

Wesley Johnson : Looking back, now, it all seemed trivial except for the friends.